MarketiBot Manual

Import Account -Clicking Import Account Menu will bring you a button named Login with Facebook, Simply Clicking it will start importing your Facebook account.

Allow the permission as the picture given below and You can choose privacy friends or public. If privacy is set to "Friends" the posts will be only visible to your friends. If you set it to "Public" then the posts will be visible to everyone. You should use "Public" for marketing purposes. Allow all the permission it wants and continue.

Finally, your account is imported now! You will see your pages. Now the first thing you have to do is enable the page for bot connection.

Your pages will not be visible in any feature until you enable bot connection for pages.

Comment Automation

This section will help you to set the comment template, reply template of your comment automation. Apart from these, you can see all your comment automation campaigns and their reports.

 This section is divided into 4 parts. These are:

  •  Comment Template

  •  Reply Template

  •  Automation Campaign

  •  Report


Comment Template: 

 An auto comment template can contain multiple comments. Simply create a template by adding the comments you want for that template. Later these templates will be displayed when you create a new auto comment campaign.

Reply Template: 

 An auto-reply template can contain multiple replies. Simply create a template by adding the replies you want for that template. Later this template will be displayed when you create a new auto-reply campaign.




Automation Campaign: 

 This page is divided into three parts. The left one is for your page lists, the middle one where you will find your bots, full-page campaigns, and reports of all the comment automation campaigns and the right one are for the lists of your latest posts.

You can set auto comment by post's id by clicking the button Set campaign by id, which will be found on the right section of this page. You can also set the Auto Comment and Auto Reply from the list of latest posts.

Just click the Settings icon, the bottom right position of each post's image.



 This is the report section of comment automation campaigns. You will find Auto Comment ReportAuto Reply Report. Click the See report link and your reports will appear in front of you.



Subscriber Manager

Here you can manage your subscriber.

To make all the things easy this section is divided into three sub-section. They are:

  •  Sync Subscribers

  •  Bot Subscribers

  •  Labels/Tags


Sync Subscribers: 

This page is divided into two sub-section. The left section contains the list of pages. The right section contains all the subscriber information on that page.

The subscriber information section provides information on the following fields:

o   Conversation Subscriber: Subscriber system grabs scanning page inbox

o   Bot Subscriber: Subscriber obtained by messenger bot web hook

o   Unsubscribed: Not available for operation, either you unsubscribed them or they unsubscribed you.

o   24H Interaction Subscriber: 24h rule: pages are permitted to send a promotional message to subscribers, those who have sent a message to your page in the last 24 hours. The 24-hour limit is refreshed each time a person responds to a business through one of the eligible actions listed in messenger conversation entry points.

o   Migrated BOT Subscriber: Conversation subscribers migrated as bot subscribers.

 Here you will find Subscriber ListScan page inboxBackground ScanningLatest Conversations.

Subscriber List:  Here you will see all the subscriber list on this page. You can assign labelsdownload the full list of the subscriber, migrate the full list to the bot. This option will be found by clicking the Options drop-down button. You can also unsubscribe or visit the conversation from the subscriber list action.